– I Have a Product Key –

In recent times, we could see that antivirus manufacturing brands are giving tough time to hackers and scammers. One such brand is Norton antivirus which has worked in the past many years to help users eliminate the threats to their devices as well as sensitive personal information. If you have Norton setup on your device, you can just sit back and relax because after deploying it via, it starts detecting and cleaning threats automatically.

Not only this, but users can also manage several devices using a single Norton product at My Norton portal. There is a wide range of Norton products available at that is developed keeping in mind the varied needs of the users. These products are specific top the user’s needs and one can very easily have it on a compatible device by visiting the official website of which the URL is Here, you will get easy-to-follow guidelines for Norton setup and for this setup, all you need to have is Norton product key about which you will learn in the upcoming sections.

What is the Norton product key and how to redeem it?

Norton product key plays a very crucial part in the process of setup install with product key. It is a code that you receive at the time of purchasing the product either from the retailer or from an online platform such as Norton’s official website or from e-retailers such as Amazon etc. This code is important because it lets Norton know that you have purchased the product via legitimate means and is a licensed one. The 25 digits code is alphanumeric and is case-sensitive which opens that gate for lesser illegal usage of the code. To redeem the product key, you need to go to from your web browser and enter the Norton setup product key whenever prompted. But, the first thing you need to do is have an account linked with Norton.

What can you do with the “My Norton” account?

At the “My Norton” account, you can manage all your subscriptions that are going to be expired or those which are still working. Other than this, here, you can easily find your product key or enroll for it at product key. Additionally, you can also set Automatic Renewal services for your purchased product. Moreover, it allows you to upgrade the security features of your device. To use all such services, you should know how to do login or account creation.

How do I do login?

Logging in to a Norton setup account is very easy if you do it via and follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Using your preferred web browser, go to
  2. Now, click on the Sign-in option.
  3. It will open the Welcome to Norton page.
  4. Here you can select one of the two options:
    1. Click Sign in and enter your login details.
    2. Tap Create an Account and fill up the required details.
  5. After entering your login credentials, select Sign in again.

How to download Norton antivirus?

Norton download can be easily done by following the instructions given below:

  1. Go to and click Sign in.
  2. After logging in, you will see the Get Started page.
  3. Here, you need to click on the Download Norton option.
  4. Now, click on Enter a New Product Key.
  5. Type the product key the same as you see it.
  6. Now, click on Agree & Download.
  7. Now, it’s time to setup install with product key.

What is the process of install?

To install the Norton setup software on your device, follow these instructions carefully:

  1. When the Norton setup file begins downloading, do one of the following:
    1. Click Run if you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
    2. Click Downloads options on the top-right and double-click on it if you are using Firefox or Safari.
    3. Chrome users can go to the bottom left corner and double-tap on the file.
  2. Next, click Continue when the User Account Control window opens.
  3. Follow some easy prompts to complete the install process.
  4. You can also right-click on the downloaded file and click Install.

How do I activate my Norton product?

To activate your Norton setup product, follow these easy guidelines systematically:

  1. Start your Norton product.
  2. Click Activate Now and then tap Next.
  3. In the given space, type your Norton product key.
  4. Again click Activate and close the windows.
  5. In the end, click Finish and you are done.

After completing the download and install process, you can start using it for threat-detection and removal.

How to renew Norton subscription?

  1. Start your Norton product and My Norton page will open.
  2. Here, click Open available next to Device Security.
  3. Next, you need to click on the Renew option.
  4. When the Subscription window opens, click Buy a subscription.
  5. Click Buy Now and login to your account.
  6. Enter the required billing details.
  7. Make the final payment for it.

By renewing your subscription, you can keep your device protected from threats until the subscription expires. To stay on top of security, you can also opt for auto-renewal services.